Forklift trucks repairing


We react in less than 24 hours after receiving your call.

90% of our performances are done in the client´s installations owing to our seven available movile mechanics, guaranteeing a fast action in case of an unforeseen stop of your equipment, which allows us to save time, and, above all, transport expenses. In addition, we have in our installations a mechanized area, electronical lab for the checking out and repairing of equipments, washing and painting cabinets.

We look for the best conditions for your replacements.

We look for the best replacement options in the market, with the aim of keeping up your float´s quality and reliability. Our technical staff quickly identifies the adequate pieces for your vehicle and through a wide range of providers we can obtain most of the replacements in a less than 24 hours deadline, assuring your operativity gets affected the least possible and your efficiency keeps growing.