Order pickers

Usually, the picking of orders is by most the more difficult and expensive task in a warehouse. A flexible orders system and an adequate placement to the movements frequency so that handling is efficient are two of the aspects to be focused on.

The Nissan order pickers offers low, medium and high level versions for the transport and picking-up, individually or in small batches from the floor level up to 10 metres high.

Low level

  • Capacity of 1,2 TN or 2,0 TN
  • Gravity centre 600 mm
  • Lifting platform option
  • AC power
  • Medium level

  • Capacity of 1,0 TN
  • Gravity centre 400 mm – 600 mm
  • Heights from 1.200 mm up to 2.900 mm
  • AC power
  • High level

  • Capacity of 1,0 TN
  • Gravity centre 400 – 600 mm
  • Heights from 2.690 up to 6.300 mm (operator foot)
  • AC power