Nissan TX4

  • The Nissan TX4 machines have one of the tallest ceilings available in the market (2,11 m) as standard, allowing spacious room for the operators, even when helmet use is needed.
  • The mast block system, standard in every model, blocks automatically all the mast functions when the operator leaves the forklift, starting an alarm and showing a warning on the display. In addition, the Nissan TX4 machine is equipped with the RRS system (Risk Reduction System) which has meant the main contribution to the operator´s security: turning control, lifting control, blocking mast system, anti-return system in slipways, inhibition control.
  • The vanguardist Nissan AC TECH controller combines a low energy consumption, with a regenerative brake, and with progressive assisted steering, which together with the rest of high provisions, make go on the TX series while other forklifts have to load again. The same controller includes an intern checking mode, of personal setting and with the possibility to introduce password access.

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